What the Children of Our Idols From the 90s Look Like

Kristopher Van Varenberg and Bianca Bree

(children of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gladys Portugues)

The famous actor admits that he has helped his children develop their acting careers, with both Kristopher and Bianca having tried their hand in movies. Bianca has become a true daughter of Van Damme — although she started out liking horse-riding, she ended up becoming interested in martial arts.

Prince Michael and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

(children of Michael Jackson and Debbie Row)

It’s almost as though the two older children of the King of Pop are from different planets. 18-year-old Paris stars in intimate photo shoots with her boyfriend, experiments with her appearance, and has tried to overcome her bad habits. Her brother Prince, on the other hand, is more restrained in his behavior. He’s pursuing a career as a producer and film director.

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