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Texpand – Text Expander Free Download 2019

Texpand is a shortened form extension composing help that helps you to rapidly enter every now and again utilized expressions basically by composing short contractions. By efficiently determining condensing too much of the time utilized expressions Texpand can enable you to spare a large number of keystrokes and a few hours of the week. 

Texpand - Text Expander Free Download 2019
Texpand – Text Expander Free Download 2019

This application utilizes Accessibility administrations. 

Texpand – Text Expander Free Download 2019


⭐️ Works with any content information technique whether it’s a product console, voice input, physical consoles or elective availability content information gadget 

⭐️ Works on most applications (for applications that don’t work utilize Text Input Assistant. Watch how to client it here https://youtu.be/fNk_jDlwhlk) 

⭐️ Define up to 10 shortenings to your most utilized expressions with no impediment on the character tally of expressions ⃰ 

⭐️ Simple overlay UI that help you with content inclusion, browsing various expressions, and fix the extension 

⭐️ Highly adaptable truncation extension choices, you can change development choices on the per-contraction premise 

⭐️ Suggestion window allows you pick between expressions that have comparable condensing while helping your take in your contractions 

⭐️ Phrase records enable you to browse a scope of expressions just by composing a couple of characters. Helpful for rapidly reacting to writings ⃰ 

⭐️ Variables make entering complex date organizations or utilizing clipboard content as basic as composing a condensing of few characters 

⭐️ Exclude applications from shortened form extension 

⭐️ Tasker joining enables you to make phrases than contain Tasker worked in factors ⃰ 

Presenting Text Input aide (requires Nougat or later) 

Content Input Assistant gives you a chance to move your Texpand expresses on applications that were beforehand in perfect, for example, Google Docs, G-mail, Evernote and Google Chrome. Just long press an expression or clipboard thing to begin hauling and drop it to a content field in the application underneath. Watch how it functions here https://youtu.be/fNk_jDlwhlk 

Content Input Assistant Features 

⭐️ Can be effortlessly propelled through speedy settings tile (should be included physically) or openness catch (requires Oreo or later) 

⭐️ Includes clipboard director that stores the last 15 replicated things ⃰ 

⭐️ You can relocate expressions or clipboard history things to any application that underpins intuitive 

⭐️ Easily look through your expressions or clipboard history 

⭐️ By swiping to left on an expression or clipboard thing you have choices to share, dispatch (requires Oreo or later) or duplicate to the clipboard 

* To get boundless contractions, express records, Tasker joining and to up-to 500 clipboard things on Text Input Assistant move up to Texpand Plus 

Authorization Details 

Our security strategy covers our utilization of the Accessibility API in detail. Read our security arrangement here: http://texpandapp.com/privacy_policy.html or in Texpand’s about the area in settings

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