Six cute and practical hairstyles for your little princess

If your little princess likes to mess around with her hair and invents fantastic hairdos, then this article is for you!

Bright Side is happy to give you 6 hairstyle ideas that’ll make your kid look even more beautiful! First of all, don’t forget to untangle your little one’s hair. Comb it thoroughly from ends to roots, and avoid pulling too hard.

Two reverse braids joined into one

  • While working with one half, fixate the other to prevent strands from mingling.
  • Split the half you’re working with into three strands and begin making a braid from the base of the forehead to the centre of the nape.Six cute and practical hairstyles for your little princess
  • Put first the right, then the left strand under the central strand — same as when making a simple reverse braid. Continue plaiting, adding hair to the outer strands on the right and on the left.
  • When you’ve reached the point where your braid should end, secure it with an invisible hairpin.
  • Repeat the same procedures with the other half.
  • Join the two braids at the center and decorate them with a bow, like the picture.

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