Eight modern-day Cinderellas who won the hearts of Hollywood actors

Many young ladies dream about marrying popular actors. The majority would say that it’s impossible, yet they’d be wrong to do so. A lot of celebrities have taken ladies working in completely ordinary professions — as waitresses, real estate agents, bartenders — as their wives.

To prove this point, we at Bright Side bring you the fairy-tale stories of ordinary girls who managed to melt the hearts of well-known actors. How did this happen? Because each and every person is wonderful in their own way.

Eve Mavrakis and Ewan McGregor

This lady from France and the famous Scottish actor met each other on a movie set. However, Eve Mavrakis wasn’t a popular actress — she was a set decorator. From their very first day and up to now, the two have always been together; they have four beautiful kids and live in a beautiful house.

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