5 Mistakes We Make Every Day When Taking a Shower

Few would think you can do such a simple thing as taking a shower incorrectly, yet in fact there are rules to keep your skin healthy.

Bright Side collected 5 typical mistakes we make when showering.

5. Washing for too long

5 Mistakes We Make Every Day When Taking a Shower

Like hot water, lengthy bathing dries the skin too much, resulting in rashes and itching. The optimal duration of a shower is about 10 minutes.

4. Frequent use of foamy gels and body washes

5 Mistakes We Make Every Day When Taking a Shower

The more lather there is the more superficially active substances there are in a shower gel. This means it’s depleting your natural protective oil layer, leading to dryness and roughness of skin. In addition, if antibacterial washing agents aren’t specifically prescribed to you, there’s no need to use them daily.

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