5 Accidental Discoveries That Changed the History of Humankind

There’s a well-known fact that Mendeleev saw his periodic table of elements in his dreams. However, it’s worth mentioning that he worked on this project for many years, so his dream seemed to be a logical conclusion. Still, some great discoveries that changed the history of the world happened by sheer accident.

Bright Side put together a list of these “accidental” inventions which have made our reality completely different.

1. Iron-reinforced concrete

At the Paris Exposition of 1867, French gardener Joseph Monier presented his invention, a concrete flowerpot with embedded iron mesh. Monier used to work in the Tuileries Gardens where he took care of orange trees. During the summer, the plants that were grown in cement containers were taken outside, while in winter they were moved to a glass greenhouse. The containers always cracked and broke because of the fluctuation of temperatures.

5 Accidental Discoveries That Changed the History of Humankind

To make them stronger, Monier began to do experiments with iron mesh which he embedded into the casting forms of concrete containers. During his experiments, Monier noticed that the most durable containers were those where rods were placed both horizontally and vertically. Perhaps he had heard of the similar experiments with concrete and iron, but he was the first who tried to strengthen concrete not with just iron rods, but with a net made of iron.

By the way, the invention of construction beams made of iron-reinforced concrete also belongs to him.

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