17 Former Nerds That Were​ Ignored at School — Their Classmates Were so Wrong

If someone had shown these unpopular schoolkids photos of what they would look like in adulthood, they probably wouldn’t have believed their eyes.

Today, Bright Side presents you with a list of celebrities whose transformation from nerds to international heartthrobs is strongly reminiscent of the tale of the Ugly Duckling. Way to go, guys!

Jake Gyllenhaal

Once a puny doe-eyed youngster, Jake Gyllenhaal has not only become a talented actor but a professional heartbreaker as well. He regularly tops

17 Former Nerds That Were​ Ignored at School — Their Classmates Were so Wrong

the lists of the most eligible bachelors and hottest and most handsome men on the planet. He’s already had affairs with half of the female stars in Hollywood, but no beauty has yet managed to conquer his heart for good.

Richard Madden

Richard began appearing in movies at the age of 11 — back when he was just starting to get rid of his chubby cheeks. The peak of Madden’s acting career came with the role of Robb Stark in the Game of Thrones TV series.

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